January 21, 2011
By nspeaker2011 SILVER, Tracy, California
nspeaker2011 SILVER, Tracy, California
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The Light shines
Illuminating only her
The stage her sanctum
All seems still
As if she’s alone in time
tick tick tick of a clock no more
She takes her first step
With ease and poise
So carefully, to the eyes of the beholders
Taking each move with the passion of a thousand suns
As if at any moment, the light inside her would fade
Her body moves like the wind, flowing naturally
Each step, a divine message, an expression
The body defining
what her soul is interpreting
She uses her arms, her legs, her body, to tell a story
Each twirl, each motion a chapter
That reveals her truth
She doesn’t move like a puppet on strings
She’s free, and to the beholders
She Catches the eyes, the hopes and dreams
Beautiful cannot describe what she is doing
Only awe to the miracle unfolding
And though it seems endless, she slows
And takes her bow
Tick tick tick
And the crowd applauses, going wild

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