January 21, 2011
By barrelracinbabe BRONZE, Chaska, Minnesota
barrelracinbabe BRONZE, Chaska, Minnesota
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It's time to move on, even though i'm not ready. STAY SOBER. 3 barrels, 2 hearts, 1 dream.

The wind teases the leaves
threatening to carry them away from their home.

The wind cries and shouts
screams and yells.
It pounds on the trees
trying to displace them.

The wind fusses with my hair
pulling it every which way.

The wind is a bully.

The wind plays with the leaves
carries them a short distance
then lets them back down gently.

The wind sings and dances
whistles and hums.
It comforts the weeping willow
softly it touches it's bark
to let it know it has a friend.

The wind brushes my hair from my eyes
so i can see the world in new ways.

The wind is a friend.

The author's comments:
Basically it is saying that if you just change the way you see things, you will see that everything may not be what they seem, and that sometimes you need to look deeper to find the truth.

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