Surviving Teenager Years

January 21, 2011
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Surviving Teenager Years
Being a teen is tough
Grown ups can tell you what to do
Nothing is completely yours
Your room is your home
When you feel alone
People say they love you
They do nice things for you
They buy you everything
But what you really want
They seem to pass off
You want them to care about you
Not just show that they do
You want them to be there
Especially when you need it most
When you get in trouble at school
They yell and ground you
Picking my clothes is part of my emotion
You put on shorts and tees
When your hurt
Because they don’t listen
You shield yourself inside
Letting your emotion build up
You dress wit color
To show you are there
You gather your courage
To talk about them
Your parents sit and listen
Starting to understand
They say they love you
Beginning to understand
When you dress for school
You fee great and everyone knew
Because you were back to wearing your style

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