January 21, 2011
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You walk past me
As if I don’t exist
You try so hard to foresee;
My every movement
To ignore me.

You laugh a little too loud
When I’m around
Trying to show everyone
You don’t need me to be happy;
You think it is much easier
To ignore me.

Why are you so afraid of what people think?
Why are you scared of being rejected?
When you know what you really want
Is to forget it all
And wrap your arms around me

Why is it necessary to be popular?
When you don’t really understand the power
I have over you.
Why is it necessary to appear radiant?
Especially when your eyes are no more alight,
When you always avert them;
Instead of looking at me.

Can’t we forget it all?
Will this go on forever?
I know you still have the charm bracelet I gave you,
Just like I have the chain you gave me.

Why can’t we forgive each other openly?
When deep inside we don’t even care about the mistake.
Why do we let others influence us?
When we truly only need each other.

Ignorance is bliss;
If you don’t know how to love,
If you don’t know how to forgive,
If you don’t know how it feels like to be loved.

But ignorance tears you apart,
When you know it isn’t true
That absence make the heart grow fonder;
When you see the one you want
Suffering just like you.
When you are so close yet so far
From the sweet memory of touch.

So will you still ignore me?
Will you still remain without me?
Your world is built around me;
And my earth doesn’t have air without you.

Bring me back,
Back from my moment of absence,
When the world asphyxiated me.
When my world didn’t have you.
Will you come back to me?
Wrap me in whorls of ecstasy
Free me from all physical senses……..
Please……… don’t ignore me.

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OfPinsandNeedles said...
May 30, 2011 at 10:51 am
sigh We aren't. Agreed :)
Kish ARa_34 said...
May 30, 2011 at 3:05 am

Applause! If only school kids were more alert and perceptive as this!


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