January 21, 2011
By Destinee Hamilton BRONZE, Plaqeumine, Louisiana
Destinee Hamilton BRONZE, Plaqeumine, Louisiana
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Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words they cut me
Bleeding truths
That you refuse to hear
I’m mad
Wait no
I’m angry
I take that back
I’m through
I’m tired of living the lie
Of what goes on at home stays at home
Bout what about my home
This home
Shining on the outside
Making you believe that
I’m a simple-minded teen
When really I have the mind of a maniac
My mind is so discombobulated that
Jesus himself couldn’t figure it out
But you say you know me
You don’t
Not until you become a mother a 9
A father at 10
And at 15 learn to be a child again
I highly doubt
You know what it is to have to
Eat mustard sandwiches because today the boss
Forgot to pay
Or having to wear the same 5 pair of jeans
Since the 8th grade
And today your last pair have ripped
So now your forced into wearing either mommy’s or daddy’s
You may never know me
All you will ever know is what I tell you
And at times I don’t believe your even worthy of my truth
I refuse to stand her
And tell I reading or saying a poem
Cause I’m not
An ordinary person does that
I am speaking my soul
I am speaking my soul
To people who claim their ready
For the truth
It’s funny cause my truth lies deep some where in

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