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Our Young Love

January 21, 2011

You held me under the
carnival lights
and the night sky.
You smile and laugh
as we walk around in
our mini paradise.

We ride the rides
and you hold tight
as if you never intend
on letting go.
I snuggle my bear you
won me.
It's like a gift from you
to me saying
I'll do whatever it takes
to make you smile.

You protect me from
the scary clowns
and eat all the food with me.

We hold hands and spin around
watching the world around us.
With not a care in the world
we look into each others eyes.
People stare but what do we care.
We lay underneath the stars
and never want night to fall.
You kiss me and the world
seems perfect.
Our little world that is.

We walk away as we watch
the lights fade.
You grab my hand and
pull me close as
we walk away from that
perfect night.

Our young love.

The author's comments:
I love the carnival and I write about love so it just came together and I wrote this piece.

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