when i grow up

January 21, 2011
By courtjames BRONZE, Sacremento, California
courtjames BRONZE, Sacremento, California
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: when i grow up i wonder if people willl be more afraid to cry then they are to die/ willl i be able to see a rainbow in the small filled sky?/ willl there be any trees alive if not how would the planet survive?/ willl the Internet have a web site @ www .life tyme air supply?/ when i grow up if i got board and had nothing 2 do an me and my Friends built a canoe would the water that used to be blue be so polluted it would give us the flu?/ willl a thousand dollars be enough for a shoe?/ willl i have to be lyke you ?/ letting money make every decision for every thing that i do?/ when i grow up i wonder if the existence dolphins and whales just be a story i tale? starting wit once upon a tyme ending with where do we fai?l/ willl adults be the hammer or nail ? /willl schools be nextdoorto jails?/ willl the truth be illegal to sale?/ when i grow up will any body be on the news for anything besides killin?/ willl those drug dealers still be out side of my building?/ willl they ervr learn to love or stay awayu from da fellin? / willl TVs an music video still raise Americas children?/when igrow up will innocent kid still be wrong fully touched/ will student's go home from school in a bullet proof bus?/ what if children had no alone to trust?/ that would hert me so much/ and i wanna b happy ...when i grow up

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