January 23, 2011
By bookfreak687 BRONZE, Cooperstown, New York
bookfreak687 BRONZE, Cooperstown, New York
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Fingers, caressing
The ridges and lines
The geographic landscape of her face
A scar, marking the moment
When she had been to slow to pathetic
To dodge her father’s drunken blow

Eyelashes, curling up
Shielding their lovers her eyes
From the sweat pouring down her face
As she runs everywhere, anywhere
To escape the house
Where her weaknesses were thrown around her
Like chains

Lips chapped and bloodied
From the constant abuse
Bite down just enough to feel the pain
Anything to stop the scream
Trembling on her tongue

Your fingers so gentle
Marking pathways on her face
A twisted maze following your gritty romance
So smooth her skin
Not a single bruise
From when those same gentle fingers
Slammed into her flesh

Banging at the wall
Of her iron spirit
That has always stood tall
Strong against the father
Who loved her for everything she was not
Strong against her fears
That she is indeed the same blood as her dysfunctional family

But your fingers
A towering contradiction
To everything she ever wanted
Slip inside her sealed off hear
Taming her, twisting her
Even as a new valley spreads across her cheek
Courtesy of your hateful palm
She closes her eyes
Pretends once more
That she is in love

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