The Game She Plays

January 23, 2011
By velak BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
velak BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Love sits on her warm front porch, smiling and inviting to all.
She bids you forth, drawing you near her,
Tempting you with her bright warm smile and happy demeanor.
She looks so harmless,
Pleasant and nice
As she stretches her arms open wide,
You see no harm in welcoming her embrace

You see no reason why you shouldn’t let her in
Why you shouldn’t become her friend
You know not that she can change
That sometimes she’ll turn her back on you,
she will betray you.
You know not that she can be misleading, deceiving
That she’ll use her power over you to tear you up, that she will use what she knows about you against you.
You know not when you first see her, when you first encounter love,
That she will have power over you.
And that more times than not she’ll hurt you
But even after,
She’ll still invite you back,
And again you’ll have trouble, thinking of a reason, to turn and not let her back in.
And then you’ll fall for her tricks, time and time again,
Until she finally tires of the game, she so expertly plays,
And then lets you see,
The true beauty she holds.

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