January 23, 2011
By babygirl96 SILVER, Sulphur Springs, Texas
babygirl96 SILVER, Sulphur Springs, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Don't ever keep looking on the past. Always look to the future. Don't forget what the past taught you,
but always use it in the future.=)

As I sit in the dark
waiting by the phone
just to hear your voice once more
I pray all day and all night long
just waiting for you to come back home

a couple hours passed and nobody calls
I crawl away and put my back against the wall
sitting theire in the dark all alone
I'm afraid that you wont come home

as I silently pray to God
so you can find your way back home
so you can run threw the door
and say" baby I'm home"

but all of that is just a fantasy
because I know it will never be true
because the day that you walked out on me
you took part of my world with you
and you wrongfully ripped it in two

as I sit there with my back against the wall
I silently pray to God so he can hear my desperate call
cuz I'm tired of being all alone
I just cant fight it anymore

I'm sick and tired of all the pain
and all of the shame that later on came
I wish I could end it
but I just don't know how
I wish I could die just to end it now

just when I thought it wouldn't get any worse
I heard a verse from satins curse
he's trying to get me and put me away
just so he can win and make me insane

I stand there and fight until the end
overcoming the insanity that has now come to its final end
I won't go threw the suffering
and I wont go threw the shame
cuz I wont let satin win this game

I snap out of confusion
and I finally realize
that I need to get over the pain
that I feel on the inside

just as I stand to look outside
I blow on the glass and fog up the window
blocking my view from the horrible night
but tracing a heart in this dimmed moon light

I turn away and walk down the hall
flipping off the light
and closing the door

I crawl in my bed
and pull up the covers
against the cold air I start to shudder

with out you hear
I just cant be warm
so I snuggle under the covers
hoping to get warm.

I turn on my side
and finally close my eyes
picturing you hear by my side

just as I start to fall asleep
I hear a car door slame and it jolts me awake
I ignore the noise and close my eyes
hoping to fall asleep one more tI'me

as sleep comes and takes me down
I hear the front door open and not anotheir sound
I lay in bed with not anotheir word
cuz I don't want my voice to be heard

foot steps come down the hall
the light comes on and lights up the wall
hoping to catch me by surprise
someone opens the door and comes inside

I lay theire daring not to make a sound
hoping they wont see me laying down
I close my eyes and try to dream it away
and when I opened them next theire they stay

as they come closer to my bed
it stared at me with forgiven dread
whispering something silently so I wouldn't hear
it came closer to my bed and I started to fear

it went around the otheir side,
pulled back the covers and crawled inside
as it got closer it started to speak
but I wouldn't hear a word it was saying to me.

my heart was beating so fast I began to cry
because I surely thought I was going to die
he must of heard my sobbing cuz he said no more

a couple minutes later when I woke up
I thought it was all just a dream
put when it put its arm around me
I almost started to scream.

he put he's hand over my mouth
so I wouldn't make a sound
and when he pulled me closer and
he whispered in my ear
baby don't fear because now I'm here

I'll never leave you
because I'll always love you
no matter what we go threw
baby I will forever love you.

The author's comments:
i don't really know what inspired me to write this. i just what everyone to know not to ever give up on someone that they love because sooner or later that person who has ever treated them wrong,or walked out on their life will so run back to them and ask for their forgiveness=)

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