January 23, 2011
By Grace Edwards BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
Grace Edwards BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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luggage had never felt so heavy
weighing down my arm with every step
the velcro strap
felt awful on my palm
like a horrible burden
probably because i knew what it meant
what was coming...
mom hugged first
a long comforting embrace
you smiled and said i love you too
and then came dad
a manly pat on the back
and a chuckle from the both of you
sarah was third
a quick, joking goodbye
more genuine than anybody could see through
you both smirked and rolled your eyes
and she pinched your back, laughing
it was only fitting
and last was me
i looked at you
you smiled back at me
i wrapped my arms around you
calling you a name
cracking a joke
anything to keep the mood light
we giggled at each other, grinning
my forehead hit your chest as i let go
when really all i wanted to do was hold on forever
and this was it
one last packing check
bags loaded
car ready
you look at me
we say i love you
and you walk out
promising it wont feel long until Thanksgiving
but i know it will
your grey-blue Honda Accord
rolls down the street
Notre Dame here you come
Louisville here i stay
and the tears start

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