I See You, You See Me

January 23, 2011
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I see you
In a white peasant shirt blowing in the wind.
Your eyes staring straight at me even though you are a field away.
The long field with green grass the height of your shins,
The height of my knees.
Your smile as always, is big and bright .
Your brunette locks being blown by the wind.
You are walking towards me in a pace not running,
but not completely walking
The moment is enchanting
I see you

You see me
In a blue dress, made of silk, the bottom trim and sleeves blowing in the wind,
You know I am staring at you with my blue eyes.
You see me smiling my natural smile,
And my blonde hair blowing around messily .
You are moving towards me,
Anticipating your approach to your best friend,
who was on the other side of the green pasture.
The moment is enchanting.
You see me

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