Everyday was a fairytale

January 23, 2011
By Anonymous

Everyday was a fairytale, you had a castle, I rode a white horse and we went to balls. Everyday was a fairytale riding in a magic pumpkin, but now I see what it really was, now that you left me.
That castle was your house down on main and third, and my white horse was my bike and the balls we went to were just homecoming at high school. That magic pumpkin was your pick up truck that's falling apart and the radio that I broke.
But I couldn't see that then, everyday was a fairytale. Blue sky, it never rained, my pretty dresses, playing games, little birds singing every day was a fairytale, until the day you left me.
Those pretty dresses were my jean and an old t-shirt of yours I loved so much. Little birds was my dog barking as we snuck out late at night. Now I know what things really are, there not so pretty anymore.
I liked it better when everyday was a fairytale, everything was so perfect, everything seemed to go my way, nothing sad came my way. But that was back when everyday was a fairytale.
Everyday was a fairytale, until the day you left me.

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