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She Wants

January 17, 2011
By blondekaylee SILVER, None, Massachusetts
blondekaylee SILVER, None, Massachusetts
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She just wants to go back to when life was simple
And she knew no pain.
When the right clothes and the right image
Just didn’t matter
She just wants to scream out, so someone,
Will notice she’s here.
She wants to open her eyes
And not want to keep them closed
She wants to stop wiping away the tears
And just start laughing.
She wants all these sad songs
To just stop playing.
She wants life to stop being what could have been
And start being what’s to come.
She wants life to stop passing her by
And stop being held back by what she sees.
She wants to stop being an annoyance
And start being an essential.
She wants to be heard
And not just seen,
If seen at all.
She wants to start thinking she can do it
Instead of knowing she can’t
She wants all these simple things to just be simple again.

The author's comments:
it was my first attempt at writting like this

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