Shining Light

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Hurting everywhere.
No one caring,
No one forgiving,
Crawling around,
Searching for a way out,
But only finding one option.
As I stare in what will be my final time,
But all I see is blackness.
I pull out the knife I've been using to cut,
Cold hard steel whispering to me,
I prepare to end it, blade crying out in glee,
I see a shining light in the midst of darkness.
A hand grabbing my wrist.
I look and see a girl, whose silhouette is shining in white,
She looks down on me with a sad face and says.
"Everything will be alright."
Her voice, so sweet and innocent,
Her eyes speaking nothing but truth.
As I lay there nodding my head,
And looking at my savior,
A shining angel of light.

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