the world spins

January 17, 2011
The World spins, nothing stops it.
Your life stops but nothing else does.
Life ends, life starts
There’s always a new beginning, but the ending is what hurts
I look, the people, they laugh-
Can you blame them?
She was just engaged.
Her son was just born,
The girl down the hall, just turned thirteen,
But my best friend , he just died.

Chills shoot up my spine, no, not the butterflies-
I cringe; cry out, repulsed and disgusted
How can this be?
How can you be happy?
How can’t you see?
Can’t you see the pain that now surrounds you?
I hold my breath, searching-
Searching for the love, the laughter the joy he brings.
It’s gone.

One door opens one life blooms-
Five close, five lives end.
To me, you are the world-
But the world has yet to stop spinning, even my world.
Now I must move on, move on from the days-
The days where you and me were one,
But I still love you, always will-
Please don’t forget me, do not resent the inability,
The inability I have to stop.
Trust me when I say, if I could I would.
For you I would.
Baby, just remember-
Your life is not yet over, no, it is just beginning-
Beginning up above, somewhere new
One life begins, five others end.

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