double dime

January 17, 2011
By Nathan.F GOLD, MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
Nathan.F GOLD, MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
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you shine brighter than any rock
and i hope to be the best friend i can exert within my worth
measured in extensions of appendages, with nods of the head,
but we are off tempo
and on track, walking on a road paved a hundred times over
and worn as the hearts that seek the warm land at the end of everything we have seen
there is wasteland
flooded by things that they will surely sell for benefit
you can only crush so much earth between your fingers
and arming yourself with sharp tools made my dull men will only get you so close

so hold your hands out and wait for the rains to come
see the shine your skin hides so well
and feel the gold we share so absent mindedly
diamonds in the rough or a diamond unaware
give yourself some credit

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