committing life (#3), March 25, 2009

January 17, 2011
By Nathan.F GOLD, MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
Nathan.F GOLD, MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
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i choose to live and apply myself as directed
to sensitive areas, moving in small circles
and if troubled minds progress
contact a physician... but i'd rather not

and once i've gathered my friends
turn the heat on high
use the dishonest singing
as a reminder to keep my nose clean

left right, left right,
stepping with true feeling
using the trombone as a walking stick
carrying yourself very well

these directions have always been unclear
like a love song sung backwards
and you take what you can
and leave just as quickly

and you wash, rinse, repeat
and don your pants swiftly
claustrophobic and unaware
that somebody rolled twice when you weren't looking

and now it's my turn
repeating old patterns
but we're getting high scores
so we've obviously achieved something

i measure success in hours spent on the sidewalk

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