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fyeshine (#1), March 16 2009

January 17, 2011
By Nathan.F GOLD, MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
Nathan.F GOLD, MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
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the ununderstanding of the way we talk
and the blind bliss behind our words
written on the sidewalk, in shadows, mud and chalk,
i've lost all pretenses and the muscles used to scowl

today i watched the sun shine, i love the world.

you're giving tours of a building with no history
and like the unaccomplished weathermen
you dissipate the mystery
with your lithium lips and your sun shine smile.
i'd follow you everywhere, as i already have
for you, i'd go any distance

and flawed as the clouds in the sky, resembling zoo creatures, we float on.

as perfect as the seconds after thunder strike
we mingle like the average folk we're satisfied with being
and skipping all else, i can comfortably say i love you
but the uneasy flow of uncaring and herb
has left me climbing stairs and burning bridges

flawed as the sun shines, illuminating imperfections

you're giving tours of a building with no history
but i don't care to care, but i do.
rolling ancient vases in my hands
and marveling at the walls
i'm still wandering behind the curator who found another road

would i have been happier mopping floors at the news station?
the wind is blowing

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