Write, Right

January 17, 2011
By Nathan.F GOLD, MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
Nathan.F GOLD, MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
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rite of now to declare a millisecond of your voice
over the blank space that deceptively begged you to fill it
with an idea that was already whole in its purpose
right now you are dedicated to every letter
your objection to such an idea spelled out in stone
as much as any friend or stranger
and the absnces and confusion holding onto your mind like an abuser

write now because you are firmly held but easily forgotten
the you that not even a mortician can see
that looks at you looking at yourself in a mirror
that strains and smiles and laughsh-a-h-a-h-a
that sighs and breathes
just a natural disaster, thinking, thinking, thinking

now will never be an entirely relevant term
no matter how much you drag yourself into this history
write because these words
these words
will speak forever

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