The Real Me

January 17, 2011
I am the blue of the ocean.
I am Mienh, suburbs with big hills, and comforting hallways.
I am reading with music, video game challenger, and singing to the radio.
I am entertainer and assistant cook for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.
I am “get some” and “ninja please”.
I am a panther, screams from the stands, and a performer.
I am contributor, helping hand, loving if you show you care, and don’t leave me by myself.
I am Hello Kitty and Mulan.
I am splits, cart-wheels, round offs, and breaking a sweat on the dance floor.
I am a laughing loud, dramatic family, who will celebrate everything.
I am The Hunger Games, Taeyang, Seventeen and Paramore.
I am passion for music, singing, friends, and family.
I am the reason for your actions.
I am the voice in your head.
I am a little girl stuck inside a 17 year old teenager’s body.
I am the fear of separation.
I am the hatred towards boys that desert teenage mothers.
I am competitive gamer that should stop swearing.
I am the tear of a child, scared of growing up.
I am that girl with a smile on her face, while she’s dying inside.
I am a volleyball left in the garage, untouched.
I am the sled sliding down a steep hill on a cold winter’s day.

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