January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

In the English Hallway is where I sit
I depended on the wall behind me
I can hold inside me a variety of thing

Sometimes I’m looked upon as disgusting
I’m not very cleanly
Quite dirty actually
I’m like a bump on a log
I do not do much

Only am I touched when had to be
Mostly I sit unappreciated
Just a fact of life
Sometimes I’m helpful to society
Other time I hinder it

Most say to recycle instead
Some choose to use me

I get emptied once a day
The time I most enjoy
I see my one and only visitor
My friend the janitor

They bring me a new bag
Lining the inside of me
Much like a warm winter coat
I am the mighty holder of trash
The place to dispose
To pitch, to toss
I am sitting waiting in the English hallway!

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