I Am Poem

January 17, 2011
By Letycia BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
Letycia BRONZE, Holland, Michigan
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I am the sound of heels tapping on the dance floor
I am the slight cool breeze you feel on a sunny spring day
I am the sound of gold bracelets jingling as girls walk down the high school hallways
I am the chocolate syrup on a vanilla ice cream cone
I am the key to his heart
I am the feeling of security when you get a sign of relief
I am the fashion to your style
i am the polish on your nails
I am the sound of birds chirping at 8 a.m. in the morning
I am the laugh to your happiness
I am the ray of sunshine gleaming through your window on a summer morning
I am the fresh makeup on a models face
I am a newly grown flower on a spring day
I am the drug to your high
I am the fresh scents you smell when your walking through Victoria Secrets
I am the mood of your day
I am the lyrics to your favorite song
I am Me

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