Under the surface

January 17, 2011
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I dove down,
Into the soft warm water,
Knowing I will experience something special-I dove.
I sliced through the water like a knife cuts through butter.

Bubbles rose,
Small ones and big ones,
They all rose quickly,
Like they had some where to go.

I took my time,
I didn’t have anywhere to be.
I kicked my feet and pulled through the water with my hands.
My hair floated gracefully behind me.
I swayed up and down and in circles,
Letting my body feel weightless.

I kept my eyes closed so I could imagine what I wanted to see.
I let out a mouth full of bubbles,
My lungs are lungs – not gills,
I had to go up to the surface,
I had to leave my world,
I had to leave the water.

I rose to the surface
-like the bubbles did,

My face touched the cool air
And my lungs were refreshed with a deep breath.
I rubbed the water out of my eyes,
Then took another breath,
Because I was going back under
-back to the place I love.

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Savanna S. said...
Feb. 10, 2011 at 6:59 pm
not quite sure why that picture was put with my poem
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