Writers block

December 18, 2010
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i have writers block
but my minds racin'
so i ask for all eyes on me
don't go and change the station

a lyrical genius at heart
a tactician at mind
a candle in the dark
the eyes for the blind

the inspiration in your head
the strength to push you on
the adrenaline rush of a victory
the hope to keep you strong

light at the end
of the tunnel before it even begins
the key to every chain
the thought to every brain

i am the hero
that rushes in to save the day
the most gorgeous thing you ever seen
that takes your breath away

this is the outcome
of absolute practice
i'm that jaw dropping show
that makes the crowd do back flips

to see a writer's heart
look deep within their lyrics
that's not the tremors shaking the ground
its my spirit

its pure ill skill what your feelin'
don't expect it to fade
i am every color of light
that breaks apart the grey

at this exact second
as you sit reading this amazed
take a moment, grab a Twix
if you don't have the money, ill be happy to pay

its the eruption from my being
that made me into this beast
so if your in trouble and needing help
its probably smart you turn to me

my hand is always open
if you need it, it'll be there
i am the foundation of this planet
i remain firm, i will not disappear

i am the beginning to every smile
the meaning behind every tear
the fortress that keeps you safe
the murderer of fear

the "right" to every choice
the sound behind every voice
the soldiers on hold for deploy
that in an instant, can seek out and destroy

the message from the silence
the leader of the broken
the intensity of every climax
for every story that has been opened

the caged bird
that didn't choose to sing
instead pecked away at the metal prison
until i broke free

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