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Final Goodbye

December 18, 2010
By jujubabes19 BRONZE, Hammond, Indiana
jujubabes19 BRONZE, Hammond, Indiana
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every ending is just a new beginning. ♥

The tears and nonstop lies are getting old,my heart's tired of breaking and feeling cold.
No you're not sorry.So don't act like you care,don't even worry.
You told me over and over again that you're done with her, but that was never true.What's that saying? "Out with the old and in the way new."
Looks like you lied again,it's always the same routine,you seem like a train.Stop,keep going,stop,keep going,but sooner or later you're going back to where you let your heart first drop.I'm guessing that wasn't my stop. May I ask why do u always pick her over me?When she repeatedly hurts you.I'm tired of just being the "friend",the one who actually cares.For you to break my heart and make me cry were my biggest fears.
Looks like you did both so well.
You lead me on,i even fell. What else is there than sorry to tell?I was always second choice.Did you ever hear the hurt in my voice?
This is my final Goodbye because i just can't take another sorry.

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