This Place We Created

December 18, 2010
If there was once a line of boundary between us,
It has vanished….
If there was ever Judgment
It has gone…
If there had ever been even a hint of doubt
There is no reminisce…

All that exists now,
Is you and I
In this world we have created
Enjoying everything that we are,
All the things we love about each other

Know, my love, that we are not normal.
Know that I’m not an insider
Know that you and I belong together
Even if it’s confusing
Even if it doesn’t make sense,
Know, I love you.

Know I’m not going anywhere.
When the mountains fall,
And all knowledge parishes
And the oceans flood the earth,
And we stand amid the crumbling remains of this world,
I will still love you.

Know that not time, distance, logic,
or even death
can hold love captive
Nothing could possibly separate, us
In this place
This place we’ve created
Where we can be together

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