corruption in the church. Ironic ?

December 19, 2010
no. Its virtual twin, corruption was conceived at religion's birth.
I never understood the practices of the Catholic.
The morality of your soul could have a dollars worth ?
Hail Muhammad full of grace, --excuse me Fruedian slip.
Muhammad, the man too holy for a face.
Guess its easy not to see his shame. Over men who kill, no remorse, while claiming his name.
thumbing prayer beads of bullets into machine guns as coveted as Korans. trouble is religious crusades are always doomed to fail.
But what can you do cycles never end.
Ask a Hindu.
That's where you'll meet you're real friends.
Karmas a b****, so watch what you do. well unless you're a slumdog cause society had already pegged you as f***ed.
Yet young boys will continue to swear oaths to men who twiddle their thumbs and claim to know Gods.
Truthfully its a backpack, a pat on the back, and a hey kid Good Luck.
these thumb twiddlers are in truth resliant WASPs, burning crosses on yards hidden behind the stainless doors of bureaucracy.
But what about the non believers ? What can be said.
I used to think that by weaving heartfelt words on paper I could embroider guns with flowers of peace & love would grow from the places my words had tread.
But my hand has grown weary with these futile attempts. So i've put those dreams to rest.

Am I an Atheist ? No, just a tired believer. Honestly just a tired believer.

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