The Perfect Soldier

January 21, 2011
You call me the Perfect Soldier.
I salute you when told
I stand at attention
I have scary good Bearing.

You can tell me how to move
You can tell me what to do
I am your puppet.

You censor what I say
You control what I do

But you can't control my mind
You can't control what I say when your not there.

Hello mother Fudger you're not here. I can't have you tell me what to do or say now.

You call me the Perfect Soldier
I solute when told, but you don't see what I do when you are not there.

I stand at attetion with my scary bearing.
You can tell me how and when to move, but you can't make it with purpose.

You can censor what I say, but not for long.
You can control what I do but soon I will with you.

I am your puppet that you'll soon regret. I am not your perfect soldier now am I?

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