Girl Next Door

January 21, 2011
By t0b3th30nly1 BRONZE, Ringoes, New Jersey
t0b3th30nly1 BRONZE, Ringoes, New Jersey
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We reach the arc of the well,
looking down into,
eternal longing.

It entices us to jump,
into its embrace.

"Plunge, lovers..."
Its suicidal whispers ooze
from the ancient bricks I step on.

I only wished to hold you again.
You always squirmed in my arms,
like a dying fish gasping for breathe.
I always saw only you,
I gazed through your bedroom window.
I urged for you to turn and see me
in the dawning shadows of your oak tree.
I wrote your name in blood
down your cobble stone walk way.

When twilight strikes
I creep into your garbage bins
seeking, yearning to find a piece of you.
Anything that has your sweet smell of
Midnight lavender...

Your lacy pink underwear
hangs on my bedroom wall,
surround by photos,
of you.

I dreamed of us jumping down together.
I imagined this moment every night since you
Ran away form me.

I treated you well, I gave you a room to lay
A soft bed,
But why could’t you love only me?
Why did you want to leave me?

I hold you now,
The drugged you
The intoxicated you
The woman I loved
and I longed for.

I push you down.
Your screams,
Excite me till you reach
the bottom.

I take three steps back and leave.
You weren’t my type anyway,
but the new girl next door
just might be...

The author's comments:
It is a dark romance

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