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The Young Man's Dream

January 21, 2011
By jahmeek thomas BRONZE, Rochester Ny, New York
jahmeek thomas BRONZE, Rochester Ny, New York
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Football, I can see the lights
Football, is my life
Foot ball is my dream
I dream of playing for my favorite team!

My team the colts Indianapolis
That my place I can taste the salt,
And feel the hot sweat on my face.
I have never been there but I’m going one day,
To smell the fresh grass when I play!

The colts I can’t wait to play for them
Every time I watch the game it makes me want to play
And hear the fans yell and roar.
The anxiety builds.

More and More,
I love football,
I love the rush of victory.
When I catch the ball it makes me see
My potential I know I have

When I grow up, I’m going to be a NFL pro!
I don’t need luck,
It’s just something I know.
Football that’s my game
One day you will remember this name!

The author's comments:
The motivation was I wanting to be something great when I grow up. so I wrote my dream

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