January 21, 2011
By Lizzy Kautz BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Lizzy Kautz BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Friendship shares her crayons
during arts and crafts
in preschool

Friendship hands you half
of her animal crackers
when you forgot
your snack at home

Friendship lends you her sweatshirt
when it's cold outside
during recess

Friendship sticks by your side
when you trip
down the hallway and plop on the floor
and the other kids laugh at you

Friendship sits next to you
on the bus
for the first day of high school

Friendship eats lunch
with the new transfer student
when they switch schools
in the middle of the year

Friendship holds your hand
to comfort you
when all hope is gone

Friendship calls you
just to check up on you
even though you haven't
spoken to her in years

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