January 21, 2011
By HaleyMarieKenny BRONZE, Lake Stevens, Washington
HaleyMarieKenny BRONZE, Lake Stevens, Washington
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A sticky pitch sky rolls onto us
Our heavy masses collapse
Blankets can’t warm our chilled toes
We lay awkward and still, feigning sleep

Impatiently expecting the moment we wake
When it feels as if no time has passed
When an angry alarm rips us from REM
Once the blanket is just warm enough,
we still roll out with the grace of stones

our minds dance and drift
over days, past and future.
silent grimaces and grins reflecting memories

perhaps we will dream
of wales and space ships entwined
or of Disney cartoon diner guests
perhaps we will wake in darkness
in a cold and sour sweat
pleading with our demons to let tonight by

maybe that nightmare wont subside
so wrought with heavy kicks and turns
we’ll wrestle our pillows for sleep
till the bleak sky begins glowing

on our backs, sides, and stomachs
we wait for the blue black to descend
and our consciousness to poor into the stars
please let us sleep tonight.

The author's comments:
This was an assignment for our Advanced Creative writing class. Of all the poems i wrote this semester, i like this one best.

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