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Will You Ride With Me?

January 9, 2011
By Arabesques BRONZE, Kaysville, Utah
Arabesques BRONZE, Kaysville, Utah
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Will you ride,
ride with me
against a foreign sky?
And paint the trees a distant gold
and watch the leaves take flight.

Explore the edges of mankind
and caress the dreamers realm,
will you ride, can you ride,
dare you ride with me?

We'll touch the evening stars one by one,
and travel on the crying wind,
Say “adieu” to the waving prairie grass
which crying says, "Let me ride with you."

Oh how great your reward will be if you simply come with me.
The takers are few and the finishers nigh,
but oh what wonders will you see if you cast your fears aside.

We'll listen to the rustic cries of man and wolf alike
that take ones' heart caught with fright
captive to their distant land.

Together we can touch the sky, and kiss the waning moon
Cross the deserts sand and ice and never feel the bite.
The race is on, the distance far,
so, will you ride, can you ride, dare you ride with me?

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