blinded by the love

January 9, 2011
By smurphs PLATINUM, Fairfield, Connecticut
smurphs PLATINUM, Fairfield, Connecticut
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if theres one thing i know you could do well, is be blind.
you dont see me when i wave to you in the hallways. you dont see me when i comfort you. you dont see me when you make me laugh, make me smile. you dont see me when you love me, that i love you. you dont see when i hurt, or when i cry, or when my heart is breaking. and you definitley dont see that all of it is caused by you.
i know you go on doing your own thing, flirting with everyone like its not a big deal, but sometimes i just want to go up to you and scream in your face. i want to see if you notice me, when im on the floor crying. i want to see if you aknowledge me when i give you your christmas present.
i notice you all the time. ive noticed that your hair smells like the shampoo i use. ive noticed that your eyes are the color of a shadow. ive noticed that whenever we graze hands in the hallway, or in class, your nose scrunches up, and you halfsmile at me. that your uncomfortable when you have to tie your sneaker in class. how you play with your zipper on your sweatshirt when your nervous. ive noticed how passionate you are about things, and how your careful not to go to far when joking around. latley, ive noticed that i love you way more than i should.

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