A poem to a friend

January 20, 2011
By poemwriter96 BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
poemwriter96 BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
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A Poem to a Friend
My Friend
Am I invisible to you?
Is that why you look my way too
But never seem to see me fully?
Am I so much like a chameleon
That now even your eyes pass over me?

My Friend
Have I not been a friend to you,
as wonderful of a friend as you have been to me?
You’re so handsome, smart and kind to me
You are the one who gave me strength
On those days I felt like I could stand no more
You made me smile
When the world turned its back on me

My Friend
Do you remember the big sun that shown over us?
The softness of fresh green grass
The pressure of a push
The realest of real laughter
That rang through the air
I cannot begin to count the twilightts
That we spent out in the yard

My friend
We used to talk nonstop
But now our silences never seem to stop
A look, a whisper, now and again
What happened to us since then?
Now I just want to scream and shout
Whether at you or for you
I still have a doubt

My Friend
You are the apple of my eye
But am I the rose of yours?
Or am I just the thorn in your side?
I mean no harm,
I truly swear to you!

My Friend
You see I have this dilemma,
I think I might like you
Now that you know I can’t take it back
If I’m not part of who you are
Will you still be my friend?
Or will I forever become invisible?

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