Our Incident

January 20, 2011
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We walk along the road we live on,
Just laughing and playing.
The road was so lonely
With just you and me.

A car then passes by.
We move to the side
And didn’t think anything of it.

But then it passes again.
I shrug my shoulders
And think Whatever.
But you looked worried.

You kept telling me,
we should go home.
I wasn’t ready.
There on my side,
I could see my house from the road.
But I just wasn’t ready.

As I sit there on the road,
The car passes again,
And again.
Going back and forth.

After a while,
I was starting to wonder about the car.
So finally
you convince me that we should go.
So I start walking.
But we where too slow.
I heard the car again.

I turned around
You were walking to me,
Three guys jumped out of the car,
And ran to you.

You turned around to fight them.
But I knew
you couldn’t take them all.
So I run to you,
And try to keep the one from attacking.

When I got in the middle
Of you and the one guy,
My heart was racing
Like a race car passing by.

The guy kept trying to get you,
And you kept shoving him.
While I stood in the middle,
Holding him away from you.

After all my yelling and cussing,
He finally backed off.
While cussing at you
and saying stupid sh*t
As he walked away.

But you,
Why couldn’t you just walk away?
No, you had to have the last word.
But I understand
It was just from anger.

Of course
Right after you said what you did,
He came running at you again.
But this time,
With a look on his face
like he wanted to
Kill you.

I was so scared.
I didn’t know what to do.
I didn’t know if I would be able to keep him off you.
His friends started to come over.
But I had to try.

So again I got in the middle.
Holding you behind me.
And trying to get the guy off you.
I just kept yelling
and cussing at him.
I was so scared of what he would do.
To me,
To you.

Finally he backed off.
I grabbed you
And started walking to the house.
He went back to his car
With his friends.
Then drove off.

We got back home,
You ran upstairs
I was left to tell what happened.
My hands where shaking
My heart was racing.

We heard a thud.
And I knew
You punched the wall.
You came back down
I held you close.
With no thought of letting go.

I was so happy that you where alive.
But I kept thinking
Of what could have been.
And it scared me all the more.
But still,
I was happy you where with me
And safe.

I kept thinking
about what could have happened to me.
But I didn’t care.




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