January 20, 2011
Amongst the rosy depths of earth God blesses us with childrens birth
Upon a shining star he sits and watches birthday candles lit
A breath of God is the wind of life, and takes away our earthly strife
Faith protrays a picture of love, from the Lord our heavenly dove
With the holy spirit and the son of man, sins are washed from this land
His forgiveness shows his love projected, a love thus left uncontested
Amongst the rosy depths of earth, The church remains his homely hearth
The rainbow stretched on the clear blue skies is His promise against all mans demise
Within his garden were broken ties caused in spite by devilish lies
For one and two betrayed in lust, but He revieled his undying trust
And with the promise of his trust, his hand he gave in spiritual thrust
Those who take him by the hand will be lead to his golden land
In that place where no one cries, for his grace speaks no earthly lies
No man dies and no man flies, No man drinks and no man sinks
No one hurts through sue of court, no ones trust is ought to thwart
In this place where love is shown, a place where hearts are nurtured, grown
In Gods land we wish to travel, where our finest hour is yet unraveled
The things that God made us to be, the image of the holy three
A place where we walk hand in hand with no threats of earthly remand
From terror, fright, and earthly wallows, Our fears are taken to be swallowed
Among the rosy depths I see, a baby born revealed to me
That even though my sins committed, my entrance to his land permitted
That if and only if I see the path that he laid out for me
A path of smooth stone with beauty breeze, a place where travel is oh so ease
No lions, tigers, bears, or burglars, For Jesus is our watching herder
A step off course may seek concession, for His ears are open for confession
A place more holy than the promise land, where love is always in demand
No place for hearts intentions cruel, or tongues who wishes deathly duel
'Tis a place where sin is fantom, banned by Holy Mary's anthem
Sung aloud by graceful voices, in the air our song rejoices
Before our feet upon this ground, there is no other path around
For only he can pave this path, ne'er be covered by evil wrath
This path is ours to walk together, like the bird who glides on feather
The brave birds feathers flap in conjunction, 'tis the only way to function
Alone it cannot be sustained, the birds flight will thus be maimed
On this path walk you and me For there is no better company
And thus he scripts our holy instructions, so that we may share in his constructions
His test is simple it seems to me, with open eyes its easy to see
He wishes us to love one another, to treat the world like our brother
He wishes us to see our hearts as vintage, that which is his holy image
He wishes us to hear eachother, not to drown our ears or voices smother
To touch the lives of all mankind, to leave our grudges back behind
There is no place in this land where hatred is a supply or demand
The only commodity is the hearts desire to spread good intentions like a fire
'Tis bought and sold without a price, tis not bartered by the dice
It isnt something that we are owed, but something that by our hearts are sewed
Piece by piece our heart is made to shine like sun upon the jade
Heaven is the place to be, hand in hand, you and me
A place where all are sent to be in the best of company
A place among the rosy depths of life, away from sword, bow, and knife
A place where satan is not free to sin, where angels play the violin
A place where life is but a flower, blossoming wide in a holy shower
A land thats free of mankinds guile, at every turn you'll see a smile
Fields of green and rolling hills, apples pies on window sills
In this paradise you see faces shining bright with glee
This place is not one of fiction, 'tis spoken of with true conviction
It gently rains and softly snows, with breezy winds that come and go
'Tis a sight I hope to see, A place where I am meant to be
At his side in his arms, listening to the angels charms
At the table of his feast, with people from the west and east
Sharing bread and sipping wine, In great company such as thine
This land I speak of is called heaven, reached through sacraments of seven
A destiny so lovely oh so sweet, with fields of growing winter wheat
A place where we are called to serve, a destiny we all deserve
A place where we glow bright upon the shining of his light
A place where are called to witness whether each has met the fitness
Upon this predication you see, Love for all is the only fee
Pay it now and feel it then, a feeling unknown until just then
For this is that which is divine, a land where we are called to Shine.

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