Although, Standing Alone

December 18, 2010
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Soft feathered waves amongst the sea of wind
Collide against my open skin
A tide of grass pulls me towards a state
I'm becoming more familiar with.

Mistaken we are
We are yanked and pulled apart
Our roots don't keep us grounded
This blade of grass can be replanted.

The damp dank grass
Across the plain
Where animals graze
Leaving an unpleasant stain.

Keep me long and tall
Cut me short and stout
Lame and sane
Grass wont always be the same.

Simple minded, although complex
The outside doesn't make up with what's within
The lines that lead to vines, intertwined
A blade of grass
Show me what's within.

Gazed upon by many eyes
Escalated along sidelines
Only seeing believes with both eyes
Come and see the wave of grass, Look there's a tide.

Open the door
Open the window
Even the roof
For a spoof
Of the cascade of grass.

Although water may surround it
Or maybe drown it
Rivers and lakes
Streams and dreams
Grass only holds the seams.

Smoke evokes from your burning soul,
The energy throughout your veins
The crimson core
Cultivates others to do the same
Like a pride
The grass continued to rise.

Grass is parched
Not in March
Although June through August
Is full of dust.

Rays of light
Danced upon grass until night
Dawn through dusk
Rain is a must
To keep these growing pains
From going insane.

Euphoria filled the night
Noon to midnight
Our bare feet
Tickled the grass
One more night.

Optimistic nor pessimistic,
What is inside?
For what the earth holds onto
To keep this grass sane.

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