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December 18, 2010
By Rebecca_Lynn GOLD, Eldersburg, Maryland
Rebecca_Lynn GOLD, Eldersburg, Maryland
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When I ws little
about three years old
I thought my Granfather
was the most amazing man
I sill do

He loved to play
with my brothers and I
taking us on rides
in the back of the lawnmower
combing my hair
(he was the only person I allowed to)
and stealing my nose
which i never got back

He never missed a chance to see us
at concerts
and trips to the cabin

He led a brilliant life
he was a part of the lion club
and always volunteering at the church

He encouraged us
to live more Christ-filled lives
So when he died
October 3, 2010
I knew I had too
If I ever wanted my nose back
But I know it's in good care right now

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