Drawn away

December 18, 2010
I have left myself be drawn away from what the mirror shows from what i hear and see.
Tonight i sit here , i consume and i feel heavy, i rest and i feel lazy.
Tomorrow, will it come?, will i still be feeling the same?
I really do want to make a change.
i am unsatisfied with who i am today.
How much longer will i have to hide till i like what i see and feel?
How much time will it take to get to where i feel i am destined to be?
Will my dreams ever collide with my destiny...?
When will i crash and the glass i am in breaks and no longer will it be hard for me to breathe.
This life is not in my control.
My actions don't change
The words I speak, are not worth it.
It does not reflect my life
My advice is useless,
I can't take this anymore.
I don't know my talents
Am all about impressing
Now it's all just depressing,
It is so stressing
It's getting messy
This heart burns in this fire
Of lies and sins.
Many thoughts filling up my mind,
None help me,Most consume me.
i don't want to be fake
Everyday it seems I am who I never thought i would be.
i hear so many voices
i'm falling deep inside these emotions.
I can't stand my ground
I can't hold on any longer
i can't hold these tears back
I can't stop looking back
Am at my weakest point...
I'm not letting go
I'm on my knees
With the heavy heart
Tears, Trying to flood me over
But No, i am not letting go
there is still hope
No matter how hurt,
I will always trust you will save me,
Won't give up
Cause I know Love Never Fails
Cause I'm sure God Never Fails

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