Leave my soul.

December 18, 2010
the organ of my existence,
rhythm has begun an unsteady beat
the organ of my breathing
has slowed not yet stopped
all because of you.

your eyes gaze at her,
filled with love
you look at me,
like i'm just another thought in the back of your mind
out of sight, out of mind
am i not enough?

the flame buried inside is blacking out
i can feel it slowly turn to coal
a beautiful firey red, now an ashes gray
you leave words unspoken that you need to say
the organ of my exstience,
may start to decay
but i know, i know i must save my soul.

you can have everything
the organ of my existence, where my love is held: my heart
the organ of my breathing, the reason i breathe: my lungs
you can turn my fire out, make it gray
you can make my heart and trust decay
for you can have all of that
if you don't take my soul
it's the only thing i have left
it's the only thing you haven't stole.

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