Lunar, Light, and Shadow

December 17, 2010
By Hayesthehayes BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
Hayesthehayes BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
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Eyes open in the shadows. They look around, explore the universe of the room they are in.
Wardrobe chest chair bedside table picture frames slippers letters pens pencils red wallpaper.
Twin gems see night in its slumber. A hand comes and wipes away hair. Light falls over.

Time melts in Kieve’s eyes. The clock swings back and forth across the room. Tick tock.
Black spade. Gold melts into blue. Rings deform and soak into an ocean of waves and strokes.
An arm stretches out. The shadows grab him and pull him upright. Air runs through his toes.

He walks to the door. Only a square of purple dotted yellow covers him. Fingers touch bronze.
A thin body fills the doorway. Light wraps around him and shows his skin. Tall white man.
The window is open behind him. Unlocked fresh breeze cool evening clear dark and calm.

Kieve looks out and sees the night. It sleeps over the mountains that surround the home.
Stars sneak about, hungry for a midnight snack. The samurai of the black sky on the prowl.
Crickets chirp in the choir, the conductor controlling their tempo against the silent world.

The belly roars. Muffins fruitcake bananas milk orange juice pineapple cookies toast, anything!
A tongue snakes through rows of jagged teeth. Whispers of stomach’s pain reach the brain.
They clog up the nerve system. Only food is present in Kieve’s mind. A traffic jam in the head.

Down the hall. Old photos speaker system wood flooring front door. He enters the kitchen.
Knives congregate in a block. Apples sit in a dish. He nears the grip of the refrigerator.
Shadows and light form a zigzag pattern over the white block frozen treats call home.

As he opens the door shadows run and light prevails. Kieve reaches inside to fill his thirst.
He pulls out the moon and sets it on an island. Plate knife crackers table top napkin and Moon.
Lunar, light, and shadow converge to serve themselves; the moon now open. Peace at night.

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