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What I Like

December 17, 2010
By Anonymous

He likes me.
I can see it
in those soft brown eyes.
When I walk into school,
he greets me
with a big smile.
I love that smile.
He understands me
better than any other guy.
I like his sense of humor,
and can't help but smile
when he's around.
And when I'm having
a bad day,
he always makes me feel better.
I like how he doesn't judge me,
like so many have.
Instead he tells me
everything he likes
about me.
I have many flaws and imperfections,
but he thinks I'm perfect.
When I'm around him,
I don't feel like I have
to keep any secrets,
or be someone
I'm not.
He loves me
for who I am.
And he may not be perfect,
but I don't care.
I love him anyways.

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