What You Gave Me

December 17, 2010
Missing you
All alone trying to get through
My parents will never understand
No one around to hold my hand
And walk me through this place
Where everywhere I go I see your face
I think about it over and over
Not only my best friend but my lover
You understood things no one else could
Did things for me no one else would
Just sat with me and forgot the world
Let me know I was your only girl
Took the time to show you care
Told me you would always be there
And you always tried so hard
I loved that you were a wild card
You made every day a little more fun
Had me thinking I'd found the one
Kept me safe from everything bad
Made me smile even when I was sad
Showed me how to just go slow
And question things I didn't know
Made me stop and smell the flowers
Appreciate the minutes like the hours
Showed me every second is worth something
Made me listen to the birds sing
Taught me how to stand on my own
Even though I don't want to be alone
Forced me to see things in a different light
Completely rearranged my sight
I can never repay your kindness
Couldn't even leave you with a kiss
It all ended so suddenly
I just wanted to say sorry
This wasn't a choice made by us
And lately my nights have been nearly sleepless
Because I just cry for you
All the lost words still ring true
Goodbye my deepest, truest love
I hope we are watched from above
Because the angels will want us together again
You and me until the very end

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