eternally broken

December 17, 2010
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Your arms are the only place i wanna be.
Your heart is the only one i wanna touch.
And your the only person who's allowed to break my heart.
Now answer me this,
do you love me?
If you do seal this with a kiss,
If not,
Congragulations, you have broken my heart.
Now all the dreams of us toghether laying down in the dark green lucious summer grass,
sitting on the hammock your arms around me staring out at the sunset.
The romantic moment where we stare deeply into each others eyes, right before you kiss me,
are only tiny fantasies
being wished onto the stars.
But if you do seal this with a kiss,
Thank you.
Now all those nights
staying up until 1 taking those stupid Facebook quizzes
to see if you were right for me,
all are wasted,
because i know that all i needed to do was ask you
and you would've said yes.
But i still do not know your answer.
Not because I'm chicken or scared,
but because I'm not ready to possibly break our truly great friendship.

Every word you say,
is a dagger to the heart,
but yet fills me with so much pleasure.
So please come and answer me,
before my heart,
is eternally,

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