That Beautiful Story

December 17, 2010
By kitkatsmoothi BRONZE, DeRuyter, New York
kitkatsmoothi BRONZE, DeRuyter, New York
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This is that story that we wrote over
over again.
Just two little kids
playing around with words
that even adults can’t even grasp.
It’s that story that we wrote in red and blue
and green and
even purple.
We splashed vivid words in between the colors
and then grinned at our little masterpiece.
It’s that story that they use in movies
and books
and silly poems
What was our seventh grade story?
it was the one that started with a girl.
She was sad.
She was crying.
Or as i remember, she remained silent as the rest of the kids past her
without a word of comfort, or condolence.
Nobody asked why she was upset.
Then He came and sat besides her and grabbed her hand.
What the matter, He said.
My dog died, She said
brushing away the hair from her stained cheeks.
My dog died last month, He said.
I”m sorry, She wimpered.
Let’s get you home, He whispered in her ear.
But I look terrible, She began.
He wouldn’t let her finish.
You are the most beautiful girl in the world, He rubbed away the
mascara that was still free-falling down her face.
I love you so much, He said.
And that was the end.
Now do you remember?
It was the sweetest thing, right?

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