Deep Inside

December 18, 2010
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God please believe me,
I know I'm falling apart deep down inside,
I feel every crack, everything deep inside shattering..
Falling apart as i sit here,
I see life flying by, my strength has become weak,
God please just make them stop!
My heart doesnt have a steady beat anymore
Deep inside my chest its cold,
My veins are filled with fire, the blood disappeared
I'm screaming, pleading to just have one of them listen.
Neither listen its like I'm speaking in a totally different language..
Explaining myself over and over never to get anywhere,
Suddenly I'm screaming to get my point past them but still nothing..
Suddenly my cheeck feels like something slashed it, than something wet lands on my chest
Now streams fall down my cheeks as the tears keep flowing!
NO!! STOP!! I wont lose the battle they wont see me cry
Everything seems to be telling me to give up, I'm ready to..
I'm givin.. I feel myself slowly starting to say it.
The warmth on my shoulder scaredd me, I turned and fall..
Fall to my knees as my face lands in my hand,
I look up again, my eyes filled with tears as you looked down on me
You grabbed my hanf and wiped my cheeks.
Told me everything would be okay,
God this angel you sent to me is the one i fell in love with
When I had fire in my veins you eased it
When my chest was cold deep inside you warmed it
They cracks you fixed and the shattered pieces you put back together.
You made me whole again like a new person.
You amazed me and made me stronger.. You re-enforced my insides,
Now when I feel I'm falling apart I see Im stronger now
You gave me the hope to survive and showed me I could when everything else had me weak.
God I see that I can and have the will to survive in life.
I know that with my angel at myside I wil be strong..
I can over come the past and that no matter what I am faced with in life, God you will some how get me through it

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