Twenty-six miles to a lifetime

January 20, 2011
By Anonymous

Legs turnover, steady like a heart’s beat
Feet press against the pavement, controlling actions and movements
Body feels new and fresh at the beginning of this race,
Like a baby opening her eyes for the first time

Everyone runs in a pack, dependent on each other, unsure about the pace at which they are running, and the future that lies in the next turn
Like a high school student fitting in with society.
Settle in. gain confidence. Dare to make a move. Strive forward.

The race continues with some setbacks,
People breeze by, barely breathing.
Negative thoughts creep up to the brain, trying to ruin the race
Give up; you’re done
Sprint past the id in your mind, the opponent, and move on opening a new chapter in your life
As the fans lining the roads roar with encouragement,
They are the best friends always there to provide support when times are hard.

Aches work their way up to the knees, then the hips
Mind wanders, wishing it would all be over
They’re the everyday stresses you just want to sleep off, hide from under the covers
With a few miles to go, you stop and pick up the pace
You think to cherish every moment, it will be over soon enough..
Don’t wait; go now. There’s nothing in the way. Regain vision just as you thought your eyes were failing you.
Appreciate the present. The end will come sooner than you know.

There it is; hurry before it’s too late to pass that one person you always wanted to beat,
To do that one thing you had your heart set on since you were five.
Your time in this race depends on how much distance is covered in any given second,
Look to see the big picture and how every moment is included in the outcome

And finally, the line is crossed; there’s no more
What would you do in your last stretch, on your last day?
Make the best of it. Look forward. Have no regrets.

Your life is what you make it—dependent on your choices of every dilemma.
Take opportunities and run away with them, confident so they never pass you back.
In life, the first place lies only in satisfaction, and it does not compare to others around you.

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