January 20, 2011
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I must have missed that class
And no one told me nothin'
So it's hard to understand this life
Hard to get some people
Figure out all this crap alone
Because nobody gave me no answers
And I got stuck on all the hard questions
Ones everybody expected me to know
Even though they didn't know either
For what reason, I'm confused,
Do answers never come for those big problems 
And we just get thrown to wherever
Left to think up stuff on our own
Work through some grand equations
With the opaque promises of peace
In ourselves, if that's possible
And stumble and trip and get bloodied
Red, black, blue, purple
Scars to give us character, I'm told
When the angels get to laugh and mock us
For this great gift of perplexity
And like the clouds and the sun,
Reality blocks us
From shining light on our ignorance
So the repetition of stupidity
Spits endlessly in our hearts
And I do, as many before me have,
Walk around knowin' nothin'
And go nowhere from where I've been

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